Sunday, September 28, 2008

Simple SEO Tips To Increase Search Engine Ranking

Though there are many controversies going on with respect to Page Rank, many of us are interested in increasing the page rank of our website. Tell me who doesn´t want a good PR for his site? It´s a dream to every one of us to increase the Page Rank of the website from 0 to 5.
Let me point out some of the important measures to be taken by the website owner in attaining a decent Page Rank 5. These Search Engine Optimization tips not only help in increasing the PR but also skyrocket your SERPs.
1. Least Competition:
As a budding webmaster, you should first concentrate on the least competitive keywords. Later on, you can shift to the average and high competitive keywords. Identify your keyword competition by putting the keyword in inverted commas " " . This will exactly determine your keyword competition in your favorite search engine.
2. Search For Relevancy:
After preparing the site using the least competitive keywords, search for relevant keywords that exist in your niche. Prepare a list of them using a keyword research tool like Keyword Elite.
3. On Page SEO:
After developing the site, make sure that the site is search engine friendly with on page SEO factors. The on page SEO includes keyword placement at H1, H2, Title, anchor text, and alt tags.
4. Off Page SEO:
This is the most vital part of your SEO as it determines the fate of your website´s Page Rank and SERP. This is also known as Link Building in SEO terms. Of course, there are many techniques followed in link building activities of SEO, I prefer the best among them.
Article Submission: Write some unique content articles and submit it to authority directories like EzineArticles. Do not forget to add your website link in the author bio of your article.
Forum Participation: Participate in relevant forums in your niche and exchange your ideas. Help the needed and get benefited. Use the signature to promote your site but do not overdo it.
Social Netwoking: There are many social networking sites such as Digg, MySpace. Be an active part of the community.
Reciprocal Linking: This is the most important step of all the activities to get a higher Page Rank. As a webmaster, you can participate in reciprocal link building activities. Do not get confined to the higher PR sites. Reciprocate even with low Page Rank sites if it falls under your relevant niche. Always make sure that you do not share links with link farms/gambling/adult/pharmacy sites.


At 12:17 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great topic & it has covered several points regarding
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