Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Google is updating PageRank

Since Google doesn't like to announce what they're doing with their patented search technology, they don't tell us when they change the chief metric for figuring out how to rank your pages in search results. They call it PageRank, and it's incredibly important to rank high in it, as the higher the number, the higher you rank in search results.
Google's very hush-hush about when they change the PageRank, but alert people recognize when it's going on. New sites that have a PageRank of 0 will get a huge bump in searches, and pages that have too high a PageRank lose a lot of search engine hits. The most important thing about ranking high is that this also affects your ability to command higher prices in your advertising.
Because many websites' entire budget it based on advertising, PageRank can make or break you. To get those search engine clicks, Search Engine Optimization has become a legitimate form of employment. People are making a living off getting your site ranked highly in Google. Understand why this is a rather important thing for websites, now? Money.
SEO Chat has a tool to let you find out what the PageRank servers will rank your site. Since there are several of them in redundancy, it takes a while for them all to update, and you'll see what is going to happen to your website as the numbers go up or down. The should all be the same in a few days.


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