Sunday, November 19, 2006

Popular Search Engine Optimization Firm Launches Free Training and Marketing Site

Saint George, UT - Starting an online business has never been harder, but today has a given anyone with the desire to earn money online an edge over their competition and they have made it free! The search engines account for the majority of most websites' traffic, so tapping into free knowledge and experience has many SEO firms up in arms.
Just like surreptitious magicians, professional search engine optimization and website marketing experts guard their best kept secrets and implement them at great expense for serious website owners. Large shopping sites, law firms, and a myriad of website genres willingly shell out large sums of cash to anyone that can promise them the best results online, but where does that leave the little guys?
"My SEO Guide", a division of Omni Business Solutions, Inc., has made it possible for beginner webmasters, home based businesses, and those that just refuse to pay extortionate pricing for professional optimization, to learn the skills and strategies. Website owners with the desire to learn and implement what they are taught can now save thousands of dollars on professional consulting and learn a profitable skill.
Fully loaded with weekly lessons, tools, resources, and exhaustive strategies, unleashes the techniques necessary to achieve online success. Jeremy Cobb, expert internet marketer and writer, has released his knowledge gained by years of experience of one on one mentoring for public use and profitability. Although aimed at beginners, the experienced webmaster will also discover new ways to approach the search engines, adapt to new technology, and dominate their competition.
If you are in need of direction when it comes to internet marketing and search engine optimization, see for more information on this free learning center. About and Jeremy Cobb: Jeremy Cobb has personally mentored hundreds of individual and corporate webmasters and published training materials across the World Wide Web. Years of experience coupled with personalized training has made Omni Business Solutions, Inc. and a raging success.


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