Sunday, June 15, 2008

Web Directory Uses to Improve Organic Search

Webmasters work hard to top rankings in search engine results by optimizing their sites for organic searches. They do this to gain additional site traffic and to boost their popularity online to gain recognition on the World Wide Web. An important part of achieving those results is Web Directory Submission. For those of you who may not know what a Web Directory is: They are web sites which contain links to internet resources that have been reviewed for quality by humans and sorted into relevant categories within the Web Directory. The category structure allows sites to be found easier by visitors to the directory and also creates relevancy for the link to the specific sites. There is very little similarity between reciprocal linking and submitting to a web directory. Just about the only common thread is that you are trying to increase the number of inbound links to your site and along with it traffic. A web directory offers a much simpler way to gaining relevant links than reciprocal linking methods. Within the web directory category there are two different types. The first kind of web directory charges a review fee for listing consideration. The benefit to this directory is a speedy review to get your listing added. It also keeps sites of low quality out of the directory so that your site is not listed among spam sites. The other kind of web directory is the free version. These free directories often get hundreds of submissions a day and have backlogs in the thousands. Since there is no fee being charged for review there is little to inspire the directory owner to keep up with reviews. Also it is difficult to conduct good reviews on that number of submissions and many times the spam submissions get through. How do web directories benefit your website? Increased traffic to your site is the chief benefit that web directory links offer. Over time links from directories will boost your link popularity and help you rise in search engine results. For best results submit your site for inclusion to quality directories with authority. Traffic to your site will increase the more popular it becomes through link building. Because search engines use human edited web directories in their evaluations for rankings, submitting to quality web directories can give you a boost in traffic results. They help to increase a websites exposure and recognition around the World Wide Web. There are ways to measure the success of your directory submission campaign. They include watching for increases in traffic via a traffic statistic program or by using Alexa rankings. You can monitor the page rank of your site as Google periodically will update the toolbar page rank based on quality inbound links to your site. To make your search engine optimization more effective, you should keep in mind that web directory submission is one way of doing it. There are also other ways you can incorporate at the same time to increase the effectiveness and popularity of your web site on the internet.


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