Saturday, September 13, 2008

On Page Optimization

Before your webpage is listed in search engines, search engines will send their spiders/crawlers to your website and get all data. The spiders will look for certain data from your webpage.

1) URL

The URL also plays a part in SEO. Let's say if you are writing an article about SEO, and if your URL has "SEO" in it, it will give it some advantage against others.Let's say, I am going to target SEO again. If my URL has "SEO" in it, it will obviously have advantage against the other websites that do not have "SEO" in it.

2) Title Tag

Title is the most important part of your page. It's the attention grabber of your webpage so have it done up good and you will get traffic when your webpage is listed when users search in search engine. So how to optimize your webpage title? Put the keyword you are targeting in your title!Let's say I want to target the keyword, Search Engine Optimization. So I put my title as "Tips on Search Engine Optimization". So, my title is 60% optimized. How do I get the 60%? The formulae upholstery cleaning ct (keywords appearance / total words). And this will result in your Title Optimization. Of course, the best way is to put the whole keyword in. But if you feel it's alright, go ahead please.

3) Description Tag

In a webpage, there is a description tag that you can use it to describe about your webpage. It is like a summary for your webpage. And also, it's the first thing that search engine look into. When users search amp; upholstery cleaners engines, the search page that the search engine display, will have the URL, Title, and the description of the webpage. So it's definitely have weightage on SEO.

4) Keywords Tag

Keywords tag is the place where you tell the search engine which keywords you are targeting. But due to the fact that some affiliates are misusing them, s upholstery cleaning search engine will ignore or skip this tag. But it never hurts to include them. Let's say I put the following as the keywords, "SEO, SEO Tips, SEO Techniques", I will have 33.33% optimization on each keyword. The more keywords, the lower percent you will get.

5) Body

Body text is where your main content is. Try to use the keywords often. But do not abuse them. Remember. Do NOT abuse them. The formulae to calculate the optimization of your body text is slightly difficult and as follows. (Keywords used/total sofa cleaner count in text). If I use "Search Engine Optimization" in my body text for 5 times and my total words count is 1000, then my percentage for body is ( 3 * 5 / 1000) which is 1.5%.

The following 2 are seldomly used. But of course, it does not hurt to include them.

6) Alt Tags

When you put a picture in your webpage, you can also include an alternate tag to it. It is normally used when the user could not display the picture, then the browser will display the alternate tags.

7) Link Tags / Textual Linking

This is the words that you used to link to others. The words that you anchored to hyperlink to other website may also count into the SEO. So you might want to find some websites that are related to your website and link them up. Do a link exchange.


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